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What is Metallic Yarn, Types and Usage Areas of Metallic Yarn?
Metallic yarns produced using different production techniques are obtained by bending or centering the yarns. Epoxy and aluminum are coated on one or both sides of metallic yarns... more

What is M Type Metallic Yarn?
Recently, M type metallic yarn, which is one of the most preferred types of metallic yarns, is produced from metallized polyester films. After dyeing polyester films with lamination method, M type metallic yarns are... more

What is PX Type Metallic Yarn?
PX type metallic yarn is manufactured according to different format specifications, which obtained by reinforcing yarns with M type. The bendering of two polyester reinforcing yarns around the M-type polyester... more

What is MX Type Metallic Yarn?
Metallic yarns, which are produced by bending or centring, are made up of many different types. MX type is a kind of metallic yarn that stands out with its unique features. It is known that MX type metallic... more

What is ST Type Metallic Yarn?
As a result of the use of metallic yarns in many products, we have flashy products.ST-type products are the most recognized yarns among the metallic yarns. This product, which is obtained... more

What is Metallic Powder? What are Usage Areas?
Metallic powder obtained from colored polyester films which manufactured in micron sizes. Although metallic powder is apparently perceived as a chemical powder, it is defined as a chemical substance... more

Monofilament – What is Gut and its Usage Areas?
Fishing lines that come to the fore with their unique features can be produced in different format specifications. Although fishing line comes to mind when we say gut, it is known that this material i... more