What is Fancy Yarn? Where it is used?

When consider bright eye-catching and flashy yarn types, first option comes to mind is ofcourse fancy yarns. These are the yarns having periodically scattered and irregular form.  The first production of these yarns dates back to the 19th century. As of 1885, production of the first formats of today’s fancy yarns started. Especially, Collins, Whitin and C.Hamel companies took part in the production of fancy yarns. Over time the production process has been shaped and then fancy yarns started to be produced in different formats.

Fancy yarns produced by combining forms that increase the aesthetic value of the yarn; with the development of yarn designs, it appears as highly ambitious products. As a natural result of the fancy yarns being included in the production sector, it is also possible to produce very garish and flashy products.

What are the Area of Use of Fancy Yarns?

Today, it is known that fancy yarn material is used in a qualified way especially in textile sector. The usage areas of fancy yarns, which are highly preferred in women’s outerwear, are expanding day by day. The need for fancy yarns also increases in children’s clothing. Besides, it is known that in men’s jacket and ties fancy yarns are frequently used. It is also preferred to be used in knitted garments and it is possible to use in home textile products. Especially in curtains, blinds and wall coverings,  you can see fancy yarns extensively. Similarly, fancy yarns are also preferred in upholstery fabric.

What are the main fancy yarn types?

The presence of different types of fancy yarns in the production sector enables us to encounter aesthetic looking products.  There are many different kinds of fancy yarn material; It also makes it possible to come across those with different formats. Here is the main types of fancy yarn;

  1. Mouline yarn
  2. Curly Yarn
  3. Loop Yarn
  4. Snarly Yarn
  5. Neppy Yarn
  6. Knot Yarn
  7. Cover Yarn
  8. Gimp Yarn
  9. Purl Yarn
  10. Chenille Yarn
  11. Spiral Yarn
  12. Terry Yarn
  13. Slub Yarn