Usage of Fish Line Thread in Industrial Cleaning Rags Increased

Usage of Fish Line Thread in Industrial Cleaning Rags Increased

Fishline thread obtained from polyamide 6 – 6.6 and polyester raw materials. It can have different features. In addition to heat and water resistance features, it adds an excellent constant thickness in proper processing. Therefore, they can be used easily in many different areas.

Fishing line thread is used by many manufacturers such as conveyor belt manufacturers, sewing yarn manufacturers, seat belt manufacturers, fishing manufacturers, narrow weaving manufacturers, safety nets manufacturers, industrial cleaning cloth manufacturers, filter manufacturers, general rubber product manufacturers, agricultural textile manufacturers, technical textile manufacturers for the automotive sector and sail and parachute cloth manufacturers. Also, industrial heavy fabric manufacturers, touch and close fastener manufacturers, industrial brush and broom manufacturers, edge sewing yarn users, manufacturers of high-temperature insulation and firefighting materials manufacturers, special technical fabric manufacturers, carpet manufacturers, agricultural sector, greenhouse and fruit industry, and many other areas use it. Especially in industrial rags, the rate of preference is increasing with drawing intense interest.

Advantages of Rags with Fishline Threads

Industrial cleaning rags differentiated from classical rags in terms of usage and features. If you choose a rag fit for the surface, you don’t need to spend unnecessary effort, and you don’t waste your time. You can make your living quarters more aesthetic with these products which provide practical solutions in hygiene.

You can notice the results of doing the cleaning with using industrial cleaning rags made from fish line thread. You can easily get a bright appearance of surfaces such as mirror, glass, steel, and you can create glittering areas. You can easily clean even difficult-to-clean objects such as dust, hair, feathers and make your equipment and accessories look much cleaner and more beautiful.

One of the characteristics features of the industrial cleaning rags with the fish line thread is that they have higher suction power. These products with a suction power of ten times powerful than other rags and provide a unique and hygienic experience, providing easy and hygienic solutions. Since they do not contain bacteria and do not cause bacteria, you do not need to use other products during cleaning. Thanks to their soft textures, they do not damage even the most sensitive surfaces so they can be used even in very sensitive areas. Also, they provide that the wiped surfaces stay clean for a longer time.

Industrial cleaning rags with the fish line thread are suitable for use in dry and wet usage. They are highly resistant to solvents and offer a high level of efficiency. They are resistant to tears, so they can be used repeatedly and reducing unnecessary use of rags. They can easily absorb dirty, and you can easily squeeze water, thus don’t require much power.

Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Cleaning Rags with Fishline Thread

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