Glitter Powder Used In Dye


Dyes are the most efficient way  to create a style and customize the structures. Paints which made on concrete and gypsum plaster, are lead to highly aesthetic results. New developments happen continuously in the paint industry. And the walls take a turn several shapes and appearances with different features and visuals. During recent years, one of the most popular technics is silvery dye. Glitter powders used in silver dyes also the glitter powders are obtained by cutting colored polyester films. Although the glitter powder has square and hexagonal shapes, the hexagonal glitter powders are more popular because the possibility of coming together the hexagonal pieces is more likely. Hexagon is the best geometric figure for passing side by side, that’s why this feature distinguishes in glitter powder. Also, hexagonal shapes reflect light more regularly and more effectively.

Although the usage of glitter powder become more prominent in costumes and make-up products,  nowadays the glitter has a wide range of use. Glitter powder has become widespread in textile, decoration, accessories, apparel, electronics and many other sectors as well as building materials such as tile products, furniture, flooring, wallpapers and paints. The use of glitter in paints preferred in two different ways. The first one is ready powdered paints. But there are only one or two brands has silvery prepare paint and the options are limited. However, people who want to paint their walls directly with ready-made silver paint their walls can make brilliant.

Application of Glitter Powder Paint

One of the preferred methods of glitter powder in paints is to make your glitter paint at home. For this, you need enough water-based paint and glitter powder for the area to paint. You can color your walls by adding glitter powder to the paint you buy from anywhere. To do this, firstly you have to cover the damaged areas on your walls with plaster. Then make a coat of paint and let it dry completely for 4 hours. And then the paint must be mixed with glitter powder. An average of 100 ml of fine powder glitters needs to mixed into 2.5 liters of paint. In this way, glitter powders diffuse instead of aggregate at the same point. During painting, paint with powder must is mixed frequently. The second important point when applying glitter powder paint is the brush. The roller brush is very short-haired will prevent the collection of scales on the roll. You can choose both paint and glitter powder in any color. You can use gold glitter, green glitter, silver glitter, blue glitter, mixed color glitter, copper glitter and so many alternatives of color. The vastest advantage of creating your glitter dye is that you can scale the amount of glitter as you want. If you want your walls to be brighter, you can put more glitter in the paint frame. If you clean your wall frequently, glitters may be decreasing in time.

Manufacturer and Seller of Glitter Powder for Paints

Glitter powders can be added to paint and used in wall paintings. If the glow on your walls decreases with time, and it depends on cleaning, you can apply the silvery paint which you will prepare one coat at any time. As a company, we are among the leading glitter powder manufacturers and sellers of our country and continue to serve as one of the leaders in the sector. You can choose our company for various powder micron sizes of square or hexagonal shapes luster powders and have quality products with reasonable price advantage. You can choose from dozens of color options, one color glitter or different color glitter, and you can turn your walls into any color you want.