Glitter Treads Fashion Again!

Silvery threads (glitter) have become the address of both elegance and quality threads with different usage areas. Many clothes, knitting, and embroidery which made with silver thread have been appreciated by many and appealed to pleasure. As a company, we are offering you a variety of silvery threads with both quality and colors.

If you want to produce the best quality accessories, and texture collections but you have doubts about buying silver threads then, you are at the right address. Since our products consist of high-quality and enduring threads, it doesn’t cause any difficulty during weaving and allows you to use for many years. In general, nylon and polyester threads can be used in a wide range of applications. Our models presented to you by our expert team and information about the utilization is of the models. Varieties of our products according to the desired temperature and strength are available.

In terms of variety, glitter threads of vary according to the material used and the field of ​​use. By specifying our models in this way, we provide you with an effortless selection of yarns useful for you doing.

Among the glitter thread models, M type silver yarns are polyester yarns which are cut into one strip and different widths. It cut into flat strips and 100% polyester. The areas where you want to use these threads can be rubber coating, weaving, accessories, cord, fancy thread. Since it is a very ideal glitter thread for weaving and accessories selection, it offers the stylish and modern look you want. With this thread model, you can make your accessories different and original.

MH type glitter threads are formed by winding 75 denier polyester, floss thread or nylon thread around M type polyester glitter. Suitable areas for use are knitwear, raschel, circular knitting, socks. Considering that silvery socks and booties are very fashionable, MH type silvery threads give you the performance you want in this regard.

MHS type silvery yarn models are produced by gimped yarn one M type polyester yarn onto 150 denier flush or nylon yarn once. It is especially suitable for sewing, weaving, embroidery, and accessories. If you want to purl on your clothes with silvery threads or if you want to give beautiful and stylish details, MHS type thread will offer you the result you want.

MX type glitter thread models are produced by twisting one of two 12, 15 and 20 denier nylon threads around the M type polyester thread. It especially used in knitwear, weaving, circular knitting, socks and raschels. If you want to fashionable silvery knitwear, MX type glitter threads provide you to produce great outfits.

PX type silvery thread models are formed by twisting the polyester thread formed around the M type polyester glitter. The places where this thread model is used are knitwear, weaving, raschel, and socks.

ST type glitter threads are also formed by continuous winding of M type polyester glitter on nylon or floss thread. Especially preferred in lace, weaving, sewing, and embroidery.

Create Your Style with Glitter Threads

Silvery yarns are presented to you with different colors by our company in terms of especially being fashionable. By using these thread models in knitwear and other weaving products you can get the original clothes that everyone likes, and enjoy making the most suitable clothes for your style at an affordable price.