We Are A Leader in Exporting High-Quality Glitter Powder

 Glitter powder obtained by cutting colored polyester films. Although it mostly used in make-up products and stage costumes, it takes place in many areas. They dried on a high heat and with solvent-based or water-based glue for a long time. So it has to be both heat resistant and not lose anything from its brightness.  The fixe used to dry the glue, and the glue exposed to heat above 150-160 degrees in the fixe.

It applied as shining glitter in particles which can be used easily on light and dark surfaces, and thanks to vivid and bright colors, a bright image is formed on the applied surface. After 24 hours mixing the glue, application of glitter powder started, and it fixed by ironing it by reverse with the dry iron for three minutes during the application. Aluminum metalized polyester glitter is hexagonal and square. Their dimensions sized in micron sizes. There is an international measure of glitter powder, and these have different thicknesses in the form of decimal inches, fraction inches, millimeters, micron Japanese measure. Thickness ratings range from 12-36 micron to 12-50 micron.

Uses of Glitter Powder

Glitter powder has a wide area of usage. It preferred in various areas such as textiles, building materials, injection, decoration, accessories. In the textile sector, while silk screen printing, part printing, flock printing applications made, it is also used in building materials such as tiles, furniture, paint, wallpapers, and the floor coverings. Again, it used in cosmetic products, bags, trash containers, electronic products in the relativity of glitter powder. It has gotten efficiency in areas where a glittering appearance desired. Glitter powder finds its place in tables, frames, seats, chairs, kitchen containers, cabinet-like products and also decoration applications and products.

Glitter powder has a distinct value for manufacturers of accessory products because thanks to glitter powder, the visuality of the works can be increased to much higher levels. It’s attractive, and its finding customer in a competitive environment can be carried much higher. Therefore, glitter powder used in printed materials, greeting cards, invitations, printing jobs such as headbands, hats, shoes. As it gives a remarkable appearance, glitter powder is widely used in toys. This increases the sale of products by keeping children’s interest more alive.

Address of Quality in Glitter Powder Production

Glitter powder gives a glittering look to the product to which it added. It occurs much more clearly in light environments. It provides creating stunning reflection and glittering by producing original light on surfaces. For it is water-based, it does not have any harmful effects on human health and nature. Therefore, it can be used easily in children’s toys and clothing products.

As a company, we have been manufacturing and selling glitter powder since 1995. We are carrying our experiences, and savings further every passing day, we find ourselves in the position of one of Turkey’s selected suppliers by raising our quality standards always higher levels. We deliver our products to many countries around the world, and we continue to improve our quality and sales capacity in the world market as Turkey’s largest exporter of glitter powder. As a company, we can produce a variety of micron sizes in square and hexagonal form, and we provide product supply according to the area of usage. We can meet all the demands with our production of different colors and sizes. We have been continuing our R&D studies for many years, always working on behalf of delivering the world-class, high-end product to our customers who we grew up with, we produce products that will offer the highest efficiency in different areas combining first-class materials and craftsmanship. We continue to be the leader of our industry by meeting the demands as you like and on time.