Metallic Yarn Is The New Trend For This Year

The popularity of luster or gloss in textiles is as temporary as others, but never loses its attractiveness and gorgeousness. Metallic clothing has become an integral part of fashion and textiles, and although it is often associated with party clothes, it is now becoming even more prominent in everyday wear. Metallic yarns can make an ordinary or casual garment stylish and attractive. The fibers to be used in textile consist of fine metallic yarns spun and knitted into normal machines for other yarns or fabrics in textiles. Metallic fiber retains the original properties of the metal from which it is derived. The most popular metallic fiber choice consists of gold and silver, while aluminum yarns containing aluminized nylon and aluminized plastic yarns are also used.

            Today, metallic fibers are also obtained from the wire, the bundle drawn from the larger diameter wire, the casting of molten metal, or the derivatives usually grown around a seed of carbon. The use and lifetime of metallic yarns may pose a question mark to the user’s mind. Metallic yarns are coated with transparent films to reduce the chance of blackening. Transparent films protect fibers from hard water, chlorine water or other climate changes. Basic production processes of metallic fibers include lamination processes and metallization processes. The lamination process uses an aluminum layer between two acetate or polyester film layers. The fibers are then cut in the length direction to receive the strands for the yarns and to connect them to the bobbins. There are a wide variety of color and effect variations that can be made in metallic fibers, which provide a wide appearance.

            Metallic fibers are also made by metallization. Under the metallization, the metal from which the yarns are derived is heated to evaporate. Thereafter, high pressure is applied on the polyester film to deposit. The fibers obtained are thinner, more flexible, more durable and more comfortable. The use of metallic fibers is actually much wider. Metallic fibers are also used for embroidery at weaving and sewing places. Metallic fiber garments are usually worn for party or evening wear. Metallic fiber garments are also suitable for survival clothing and for cold weather in everyday use. These fibers are knitted and knitted in several surprisingly elegant fabrics. Metallic yarns are also mixed with other fibers such as wool, cotton, nylon and synthetic yarns. Along with other fibers, there are also stainless steel metallic fibers used in carpet making. Metallic fibers reduce static shock and are used in computer areas. Protective clothing, space suits and cut-resistant gloves are also made of stainless steel metallic fiber.

            Metallic fibers are on their way to the top in both men’s and women’s clothing. Metallic shirts, metallic trenches and metallic leather jackets are also very popular among men. Women can choose anything they want from feminine dresses, shining pencil skirts, pastel colored coats and refined brocade jackets carved from metal threads. Brocade metallic, pastel metallic, metallic textured metallic, silver metallic, gold and rust metallic admires the world. Metallic yarns offer generosity and style for an ordinary outfit. The options offered by the designers are also increasing. There are elegant pastels, bright colors, dark colors and mirrored effects that make metallic fibers special and always on demand.

            It should not be forgotten that textile and fashion design is influenced not only by art but also by science. In line with the requirements of the cyberspace and digital age that emerged in this century, textile is also developing in parallel with this era. The development of the metallic yarn from the beginning to this stage, the expansion of the area of ​​use, the advantages of using and appealing to the eye pleasure of people; it has made metallic yarn a new trend for this year.