Importance at Design of Metal Threads


From past to present  metal threads , people have tried to produce products that will make their lives easier by making use of many materials.

In this regard, especially the formation of filamentous products has accelerated the development in many areas. Because these yarns, which are designed by using various materials, have been tried to be used in different areas and different purposes throughout human life. Thanks to these yarns, it has become possible to make clothes, bags, as well as the design of products that are suitable for other vital necessities. Now, threads are still helping people to their need-based without losing their functional mechanisms.

Threads can be very enduring and robust in terms of structure and quality. The metal thread is one of these threads that are preferred and frequently used by many people. These products are one of the best products in terms of both appearance and usefulness. Metal threads have different sizes designed for use, so it has a structure suitable for each process. Metal threads are classified according to their numbers as many other types of threads. Besides, having a wide range of colors metal threads give you chance comfortable selection for various purposes. To obtain the best yield from the use of yarns, it is necessary to sure that they are of a sufficiently high-quality structure. As CVS Textile, we provide the best quality metal threads to our customers in this field. You can take advantage of the great opportunities for our company, and you can supply the products according to your wishes from us.

Manufacturing and Uses Areas of Metal Threads

Metal yarns, one of the most widely used product types of people, are manufactured using different methods. Lamination and metallization methods are the techniques used in the production of metal threads. Generally, the lamination method is used most actively. Metal threads are prepared in several rolls and made suitable for use passing a process. It can be made in desired colors according to the production situation. In the metallization process, heating is applied to the metal to reach an evaporating structure. A polyester coating is applied to this process. This method is a very successful technique in obtaining a quality thread. Thanks to this application, yarns are obtained what is very enduring and flexible and light at the same time.

Coating of metal threads with transparent plastic film makes it resistant to corrosion. In general, it is possible to use metal threads in the design of many products. In direction of requirements such as the fabric making, these threads are fully qualified to meet expectations. However, to obtain the best results for the product to be produced, it must be used in combination with normal threads. It gives effective feedback. Metal yarns are often needed, especially in the embroidery industry. As it can be used in many types of clothing, especially in the design of ladies’ wears, significant benefits are provided from this material. Today, one of the most preferred reasons for metal threads is to feel a highly satisfying and great comfort in wears.

Quality Designed Enduring Metal Threads

Metal threads are useful for all areas of life. As CVS Textile, we bring together our customers with a great variety of carefully manufactured metal threads. Our company has a very high capacity in terms of product options. You can contact us to benefit from our high-quality products and affordable costs. We are ready to provide the best support you need by creating fast and efficient solutions to your requests.