Using Glitter Powder in Food


Although glitter powder mostly used for decoration in stage costumes and makeup products, it can be used in many different fields of the printing industry. Polyester films are first cut to certain wideness and then applied by spreading or adding glue to the desired surface.Which can be applied with water-based or solvent-based glue  is dried in the oven at a temperature of 150 – 160 degrees for 5 minutes.

Therefore, this must be resistant to both high temperature and solvent. If these conditions provided, there is no loss of brightness in glitter powder, and it gets efficiency in application areas.

Glitter powder can be used in many different fields. In the textile industry, screen printing applications, part printing, flock printing preferred in building materials sector in tiles, paints, furniture, flooring, wallpapers, and many other places. The cosmetic industry is one of the most common uses of glitter powders. It’s also used extensively in various accessories such as waste bin, bathroom products, and electronic products. Glitter  also is used effectively in tables, frames, chairs, armchairs, kitchen utensils, cupboards, and other decoration products. Printing materials, greeting cards, types of invitations, headbands, hairpins, hats, shoes, and toys are among the uses of glitter powder. In all these applications, this is preferred for driving forward the visuality. However, it is not possible to use glitter powder in foods.

The danger of Glitter Powder in Food Products

Glitter powders give a brilliant appearance to the products to which they are added. It becomes clear in light environments and produces original light on surfaces. It creates reflections and glows. Since they are water-based, they do not have any harmful effects on the environment and human health. However, they have a shelf life, and if they are opened, they may change texture over time because they are plastic and paint-containing. Product packaging must not be used to store food. Therefore, glitter powder is not suitable for use in foodstuffs. In the event of swallowing of glitter powder, the doctor or the national poison advice line should be consulted.

Although the popular wisdom is that glitter  is a chemical powder, it is not exactly a chemical product. It is turning into small granules after painting such as Pet, PVC, PP. The particles are shaped into hexagonal or square form into powder. The most powerful feature of glitter powder is that it is sticky. For this reason;  glitter powder should not be used in any food product moreover products which containing glitter powder should not be used as decoration material in food products. Beyond being made of petroleum products, the real danger is that small particles stick to anywhere in the human body. In such a case, it can stay there for years. For this reason, glitter powder should not be preferred in foodstuffs, if flakes are required for decoration purposes, edible flakes should be preferred.

Leader of Sector in Glitter Powder Manufacturing

Powder is produced by only a few companies in our country. Since 1995, our company is one of the industry’s leading companies and suppliers with the needs of a large part of the glitter powder market of Turkey. Furthermore, it also exports abroad, continues to have a say in the world market. Our company manufactures and sells glitter in a hexagonal and square shape, different sizes and different thicknesses. Priority is the place of use in product selection. Although our products not used in the food industry, it can be used successfully in many other fields. Our products have a regular role in light reflection, offer superior brightness, and can be used easily on light and dark surfaces with many color alternatives.