What is MH Type Metallic Yarn?

There are many types of metallic yarns. One type of metallich yarn is MH type metallic yarn. This type of yarn provides a qualified service and this make it preferred frequently. By reinforcing the type of yarn defined as type M, the MH type metallic yarns are obtained. Flush, polyester or nylon is used in this reinforcement process. However, monofilament yarns are utilized in the reinforcement process. Again, it is possible to say that the reinforcement process can be made by bending.

It is possible to say that the MH type yarns produced after the reinforcement of the M type yarn increase the weaving strength. In this way, weaving products with much longer life can be obtained. MH type metallic yarns, which have a much softer texture than other reinforced metallic yarns, also have an attractive feature in appearance.


MH Type Metallic Yarn Usage Area

MH type metallic yarn, which is defined as very high quality yarn, has a wide range of usage area. Here is some usage area of MH yarn;

  • Weave and knitwear
  • Circular knitting
  • High quality fabric

MH type metallic yarn is used frequently by the fashion company, this allows the products to have a more aesthetic appearance. This naturally makes it possible to create unique designs in the fashion world.


How Much Does MH Type Metallic Yarn Cost?

MH type metallic yarn, which attracts attention with its flashy structure, has different price options. It is enough to make a short price search in order to purchase MH type metallic yarns, which are effective in creating high quality and original designs, at an affordable price. When conducting price research, the quality of the product must be taken into consideration. Only this way, it is possible to purchase a high quality, useful and affordable MH type sim yarn. Again, conducting the price research over the internet is a good option.