What is MHS Type Metallic Yarn?

MHS metallic yarn, which is the most preferred yarn among metallic yarns, is produced by floss yarn. MHS yarns made of polyester and nylon filament, are very useful products. It is known that MHS type yarns, which are generally produced on the basis of polyester, can be produced in different color formats.

MHS metallic yarns, which are very successful in adding an attractive aesthetic to the products, are known to have a bright structure. These yarns are used not only in apparel products but also in many different accessories as qualified. It is known that MHS metallic yarns which has special production techniques and methods are produced in accordance with the metallic yarn format.

Usage Area of MHS Type Metallic Yarns

The MHS-type metallic yarn obtained by the application of nylon or polyester filament on the M-type metallic yarn has a wide range of applications. It is known that MHS metallic yarns having 150 denier floss middle yarn properties can be used effectively in the sewing and embroidery field, primarily in the weaving sector. It is also known that such yarns are used in various accessories in a qualified manner.

It is known that MHS glitter yarns, which add an aesthetic value to the weaving sector, contribute to the production of both garish and attractive products. MHS type metallic yarns are also useful in creating unique motifs in sewing and embroidery. In addition, the fact that these kind of yarns, which makes accessories much more aesthetic, are offered in an affordable price range makes it possible to choose these products frequently.


MHS in Terms of Technical Specifications

MHS type glitter yarn with different packaging properties; conical and missile coil packages are offered to the consumer. This type of yarn has production features as 14 denier nylon, 150 denier polyester and 150 or 300 denier floss yarn.