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What is ST Type Metallic Yarn?
As a result of the use of metallic yarns in many products, we have flashy products.ST-type products are the most recognized yarns among the metallic yarns. This product, which is obtained by covering and bending the yarn having M type property, has a very high strength. This type of yarn, which is obtained by frequent coating of the M-type yarn, has an elegant gloss. The main material of the ST metallic yarn is floss or polyester. It is possible to say that this product has a high degree of strength and its usage area is increasing day by day. This type of yarn, which is frequently preferred by those who wish to design flashy products, adds aesthetic value to the products.
Usage Areas of ST Type Metallic Yarn
As a result of the increasing use of standard metallic yarns, St products are also increasing. In this context, it is known that ST metallic yarn is used in the following areas:
Knitwear and embroidery thread
Decoration products
Various accessories
Especially in the case of cotton knitwear, it is possible to say that ST metallic yarns have excellent performance. It is known that yarns, which add a brilliant value to decoration materials, are often preferred in different accessories.
ST Type Metallic Yarn in terms of Production Quality
As a natural consequence of the development of production technologies in recent times, it is known that there is a significant increase in the production quality of metallic yarns. ST-type yarn products are produced with these technologies at high quality standards. Thus, the interest in such yarns is increasing. When we look at the products in knitting, weaving and embroidery sector, ST type metallic yarns are frequently encountered. However, it is of course also possible to come across metallic yarns in home textile products. Production quality and reasonable price ranges play an important role in the choice of these products.