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What is Glitter Powder? What are Usage Areas?
Glitter powder obtained from colored polyester films which manufactured in micron sizes. Although metallic powder is apparently perceived as a chemical powder, it is defined as a chemical substance. It is also known that the metallic powder obtained by metallizing film layers such as PET, PP, PVC is subsequently dyed. These materials become very small pieces as a result of trimming. Micron sized metallic powder; has its own characteristic features. We can say that this material has great interest due to its high properties in usage.
Glitter powders can have the following shapes according to the clipped particles:
Shapeless polygon
What are the Usage Area of Metallic Powder?
Metallic powder, which is an effective material needed by the manufacturing sector; has a wide range of uses. Here are main usage areas;
Textile sector
Construction materials
Decoration industry
Injection printing
Accessory materials
Hobby materials
Metallic powders are used effectively in the textile industry. Metallic powders, which are preferred especially for screen printing and flog printing, give products an aesthetic appearance.
One of the areas where metallic powders are used in a qualified way is constructure materials. Metallic powders is preferred in the production of pigments like being used in furniture and kitchen appliances. When it comes to decoration, metallic powders are a highly used material. Metallic powder products are frequently used in wallpapers, flooring and frames. There is also a need for metallic powders in tables, chairs and armchairs.
Preferred glitter powders in injection presses; It is known to be used effectively in cosmetic bags, plastic trash box and containers. In addition, metallic powder is uses in the production of some electronic products. It is also often preferred in accessories and hobby materials of this material. This material is especially needed for greeting cards, printed materials, invitations, headbands and dolls.
What should we pay attention to when buying Metallic Powder?
A thorough research before buying metallic powder will of course lead to significant gains. If you want to buy a healthy, bright and durable <strong>metallic powder</strong> product; you should consult a company that is an expert in the field and provides a professional service. Where to use metallic powder will reveal which type of glitter powder you need. For this reason, you should always determine the purpose of the product for which you are going to use.
If you are going to buy sim powder for decoration purposes; You should select metallic powders of 0.2 mm and larger. However, it is known that metallic powders to be used in the textile sectors should be composed of 0.2 mm and larger scales. In addition, metallic powders to be used in cosmetic sector should be 0.1 mm.
In terms of cost, it is possible to say that PVC metallic is cheaper than other metallic powders. However, especially if you prefer PET metallic powder which are made of durable and high quality material, it will bring significant gains. In the light of all this information, when buying glitter powder product; if you prefer a professional company; you will be able to use these products safely without any problems.