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What is Metallic Yarn, Types and Usage Areas of Metallic Yarn? 
Metallic yarns produced using different production techniques are obtained by bending or centering the yarns. Epoxy and aluminum are coated on one or both sides of metallic yarns, which are highly effective in function and appearance. Moreover, metallic yarn products can be produced in different thicknesses according to demand.
Metallic yarn products are known to be among the most important products of the fancy yarn industry. Metallic yarns, which are heavily needed by the textile and fashion sectors; It is produced from metallic or metallic fiber raw material. It is obtained by blending fibers such as cotton, polyester, acrylic and viscose in a predetermined ratio. At this stage, combining the yarn on the tracks of different machines, the metallic yarn has an enormous appearance.. Thus, many different sectors need metallic yarns.
Metallic fiber and polyester raw material is the main material in metallic yarns. On the other hand, polyethylene terephthalate provides a metallic appearance and a protective coating on the surface of the metallic yarn. Thus, it is possible that the yarn have a crystalline appearance. Metallic fiber material, which is concentrated in metallic yarn products, can be produced in different colors according to demand. Especially silver and gold yarns are popular but also white, blue, green, red and purple colors are often preferred. However, the mix color option is often used in metallic form yarns.
What are the main types of metallic yarn?
Thickness of metallic yarns, the properties of the materials used and the production technique are effective in the diversification of these products.
In this context, it is possible to list the prominent metallic yarns as follows:
MX Type Metallic Yarn
MH Type Metallic Yarn
ST Type Metallic Yarn
There are also differences in the application areas of the listed yarn types. MX Type Sim Yarn is 1/69’’ or 1/100 ’’ width. It is produced by Reinforcing Polyester yarn with cross link or adding monoflament polamid by 2 piece in 20 equivalent scale. These products are used in various accessories especially with ribbons, fancy yarns, circular knits.
MH Type Sim Yarns are produced to reinforce nylon, flush or polyester monofilament yarns. Reinforcement is applied by bending. It is also known that the strength values of the yarns increase after the reinforcement. In addition, this kind of yarns, which have an attractive feature with a soft texture, are frequently preferred by fashion companies. These yarns are preferred especially for circular knitting and high quality woven knitwear fabrics.
ST Type Metallic Yarns are produced by coating M type yarns on floss or polyester yarn material. These yarns are known to have an extremely high degree of strength and an elegant appearance.
Where are Metallic Yarns Used?
Metallic yarns in different formats have a wide range of applications. Furthermore, we can say that as a result of the developments in production technology, metallic yarns can now be produced in a more qualified way. This, of course, has an effect on the expansion of the uses of silver yarns. Here are the main areas where metallic yarns are used:
In the fashion sector; used effectively in clothing models.
In the textile sector; It is used effectively in home textile products.
Used in various accessory products.
It is used in design activities in a qualified way.
Metallic yarns are used in the production of clothing, especially knitwear and sweaters. Metallic yarns, which make clothes look more glamorous, are effective in obtaining an aesthetic appearance.
One of the uses of metallic yarn products is textile products.Especially, we can say that metallic yarns are preferred in carpets, covers, towels. In addition, metallic yarns are used in many household goods production. Therefore, metallic yarns are among the indispensables of home textile products.. Thus, much more garish home textile products have entered our daily lives. The fact that we find metallic yarns even at home tablecloths is the most important indicator that these products are frequently used in home textiles.
Metallic yarns are widely used in the production and design of accessories by weaving or knitting. In this way, the world of accessories and design can produce both flashy and durable products. With the continuous improvement of the usage characteristics of these products, it is ensured that highly qualified products have entered our daily lives.
What are the Advantages of Metallic Yarns?
Sim yarn products are produced as a result of the application of different techniques. The multiple benefits of yarns make them more preferred in the industry. The main benefits of yarns are listed below;
Metallic yarns are known to absorb negative electricity from the body after skin contact.
It has an antibacterial property.
It does not cause itching or allergen in the body.
High strength to washing.
Long lifetime
aesthetically perfect products
Thanks to the continuous updating of the production characteristics of Metallic yarn products, the gains of these products are also increasing. This is naturally effective in increasing interest in these products.
What is Metallic Yarn Prices?
Product quality is effective in the pricing of metallic yarns. In this context, the thickness of metallic yarns and other design features have an effect on their prices. As a result of the price research to be made, it will be possible to purchase affordable metallic yarns.
It is a wrong approach to purchase metallic yarns based on only the price of the product. In addition, preferred low-cost yarns may not be able to meet your expectations. For this reason, it is important to purchase both high-quality and affordable products when buying metallic yarn products.