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Monofilament – What is Gut and its Usage Areas?
Fishing lines that come to the fore with their unique features can be produced in different format specifications. Although fishing line comes to mind when we say gut, it is known that this material is used in a very wide area. The gut, which is produced from synthetic materials, can be produced as monofilament yarns. In addition to this guts, which is also possible to be produced in multilayer, have a wide range of usage area.
Main properties of gutsa are as follows;
Resistant to rupture
High stregnth against sun lights and chemicals
Does not allow mold growth
High strength against bending and knotting
It is possible to say that, usage are of guts are developping with natural result of developping production Technologies. Monofilament yarns made from a single filament with a certain thickness have a robust, cost-effective and smooth surface and this maket hem to be preffered frequently. Having less flexibility, restrict the usage are of this material. On the other hand, monofilament yarns, which are being made from polyamid 6 /6.6 and polyester, have good heat resistivity. Besides, In addition, the need for this material, which can offer an excellent constant thickness, is increasing day by day.
What is the usage are of monofilaments ?
As a result of the improved production properties, monofilament yarns are expanding their usage area day by day. It is therefore known that the demand for these products increases day by day. Here are the usage areas of monofilament yarns:
Sewing yarn production
Safety belt production process
Container lines
Narrow woven productions
Security nets
Fish line
Industrial swab
Filter production
Agriculture textile
General use rubber production process
Textiles used in Automotive sector
Parachute and sail materials
Production of Heavy textiles going to be used industry
Edge sewing yarn
Carpet and touch and close fastener
Agriculture and greenhousing
It is known that the usage area of monofilament yarns is quite wide and it is effective in increasing the demand for these products. In this context, this kind of yarns which are produced with different format features are shown great interest in our country.
Why are Monofilament Yarns Preferred?
Monofilament yarns</strong> produced as a result of effective use of polyester and nylon material are products that can be shaped according to need. Having a high resistance to heat is often effective in its preference. In addition, having a constant thickness increases the interest in such products. In addition, the wide range of uses and the need for this product in different production sectors makes monofilament yarns frequently preferred.
Monofilaments, which has price and cost advantage, has long shelf life and this make them preffered frequently. In addition to this, the fact that its resistant to breakage makes it highly preferred. Again, its high resistance to sunlight and its fungus proof properties increase the interest in this material. It can be said that properties of this material develops with being produced high technologies. Thus, monofilament yarns are needed in many different sectors.