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What is M Type Metallic Yarn?
Recently, M type metallic yarn, which is one of the most preferred types of metallic yarns, is produced from metallized polyester films. After dyeing polyester films with lamination method, M type metallic yarns are produced. These products, which are cut into yarns after dyeing, have very wide usage area. M type yarns can be produced in many color options with many dimensions and scales. All these features, of course, make it possible to expand the application areas of the M-type metallic yarns.
Where M Type Metallic Yarns are used?
The fact that different format yarns can be produced today makes it possible to see products with a large number of different visuals. Thus, we can say that the usage areas of M-type metallic yarns products are very wide. Nowadays it is known that M type metallic yarns are preferred in the production of various accessories. The fact that these types of yarns offer aesthetic visuality makes it frequently preferred.
Here are the main usage areas:
Circular knitting
Fancy Yarns
Especially in the case of weaving, it is known that M yarns are highly effective. In addition, such yarns are intensively needed for embroidery.
Color Formats of M Types Yarns
With the application of production technologies to M type metallic yarn products, there was also an increase in the color formats of these products. Thus, in the case of M type metallic yarns, a large number of different colors appears. We can say that there is a gold color in the M sim yarns where the silver color option comes first. Again, it is possible to see purple and blue tonnes in M type metallic yarns.
Having many color options makes M type metallic yarns possible to be preferred. In addition, having lower cost makes it frequently preferred as well. Today, it is also known that the usage properties of M yarns are continuously updated.