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What is MX Type Metallic Yarn?
Metallic yarns, which are produced by bending or centring, are made up of many different types. MX type is a kind of metallic yarn that stands out with its unique features. It is known that MX type metallic yarns obtained by reinforcing the M type glitter yarns are among the recent common products. The type M yarns used in the formation of yarns consist of 1 / 69, 1 / 100 or 1/110 width. In addition, the number of M-type metallic yarns used in MX-type metallic yarns consists of 2 pieces and 20 denier monoflament. However, it is known that the reinforcement of the yarns is crosswise. After this reinforcement, it is possible to say that MX type metallic yarns are very useful products.
What are Usage Areas of MX Type Metallic Yarn?
It is known that MX type glitter yarn, which has a wide usage area, is used in the weaving sector in a qualified way.  When it comes to knitwear, we can say that MX type metallic yarn is the perfect product. It is known that MX type yarn also affects the formation of successful applications in circular knitting products. In this way, it is possible to enter the daily life of both garish and useful circular weaves. In addition, it is known that MX type silver yarns provide a qualified service in the case of raschel. Again, we can say that the use of such yarns in socks products is becoming widespread.
MX Type Metallic Yarn Properties
As a natural result of the introduction of glitter yarns into our daily lives, we have been able to encounter much more showy products. In addition, the presence of metallic yarns in the new fashion trends has been effective in increasing the interest in all other yarn types. Especially after the MX type yarn was adapted to the socks models, it was possible to meet the consumer with both useful and stylish socks. It is also known that the continuously developed MX type metallic yarn can be produced in different color formats as of today. Although there is a great interest in gold and silver colors, the demand for other color options is constantly increasing.