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What is PX Type Metallic Yarn?
PX type metallic yarn is manufactured according to different format specifications, which obtained by reinforcing yarns with M type. The bendering of two polyester reinforcing yarns around the M-type polyester film leads to the PX-type metallic yarn. The bender process of these yarns is X-shaped. After the reinforcement of polyester yarn at a ratio of 2 x 20D / 1F, the strength of the PX type yarn increases. These products which is produced in 12micron, have different metallic width. These yarns, which are produced with the use of advanced technological equipment, have a wide range of applications.
What are the usage area of PX Type Metallic Yarn?
PX type yarn, which is one of the much sought-after materials of the textile sector, is also used effectively in the knitwear sector. PX type metallic yarns, which enable the production of highly luminous products in circular weaving, also allow the formation of different format weaves.
In addition, PX type metallic yarns are used effectively in the production of socks. Raschel is also used in this type of yarn.
High strength and aesthetic PX type metallic yarns are used in different sectors. In this respect, the demand for PX yarns is increasing in our country. The vivacious form of PX yarns makes it possible to attract products with attractive properties.
How much does PX type Metallic Yarn Cost?
Of course, production quality and costs involved in the production process have a direct impact on PX yarn prices. The size and quantity of the requested yarn is effective in determining the prices of these products. In addition, exchange rates are effective in the pricing of PX type metallic yarn. If you are buying a PX-type metallic yarn, you need to do a detailed investigation of the pricing of these products. It should not be forgotten that this price research will provide important advantages. While conducting price research, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the PX type metallic yarn.  In this way, it is possible to buy metallic yarn in an affordable price range.